Include :
12″ Tube Kit
18″ Tube Kit
19″ Tube Sampler
21″ Tube Sampler Soil Probe
36″ Tube Sampler Soil Probe

These soil sampling tools are constructed of stainless-steels plated, 16-gauge steel to resist abrasion, plus all parts are interchangeable! Augers are 1-1/4″ in diameter, have double twist with 2-1/4″ pitch. The auger sections are 8″ long with 4″ shanks. Thread-on features 1/2″ x 13 threads per inch. Tubes are designed to eliminate friction in the tube after cutting the sample. Samples may be unloaded from the tube without binding or compacting. A strong, fiberboard case protects and keeps the kit clean.

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