Optical System
High light throughput single beam and true double system. The unit is a fully automated computer controlled Flame AAS instrument featuring an 8 -lamp turret, automatic gas box and automatic burner height setting. The majority of samples will run smoothy with this instrument, if the stored default methods are aplplied. In case of unique challenges our application experts will take personal responsibillity for responding to the customer”s needs.
MonochromatorCzerny-Turner-type with 2 focal lenghts at 355.8 and 345.6 mm, automated wave lenght selection and slit selection. The system provides a true double beam mode.
Wavelenght range185-900 nm
Mode of operationAutomatic Absorption and atomic Emission
GratingHolograpic grating with 1800 lines/mm
Detectorwith range UV sensitif photo multiplier tube
SlitsAutomatic slit selection 0,1;0.2;0.7;1.4 and 2.0 nm
LampAutomated 8-lamp turred with independent lamp power supply to each lamp and with two heating circuit for preheating lamp operation.
Background CorrectionDeuterium (D2) Background Correction and Smith-Hieftje (Selt Absorption) Background correction.
Flame System
Burner-Nebulizer SystemAll-Titanium 100 nm and 50 nm burners are available for air/acetylene gases and for acetylene/nitrous oxide flame. Adjustable nebulizer with internal platinum/Iridium capillary, PEEK Nozzel and fixed ceramic impact bead are supplied as standart. The unit feature automatic setting of burner height for each elemant.
Spray ChamberThe PPS (Pholyphenyllene Sulfid) Spray Chamber is use for both aqueos and organik solution.
Gas ControlsSofware controlled gas box allows the automatic setting of gas flows for each element. Acetylene flow is automaticaally adjusted prior to the oxidant change with switching to or from nitrous oxide-acetylene operation.
Savety FunctionInterlocked safety system prevent selection of the nitrous oxide flame if the nitrous oxide burner is not fitted. Sensor controls for protection to use in the incorrect burner head and check the siphon system. In case of pressure failure of fuel or oxidant gas, or power failure, safety interlock will shut down the gasses authomatically in the right order.
Burner head1x
Hollow Cathode Lamps8x
Standart Solution8x
Regulator Acetylene1x
Regulator N2O1x
Gas Acetylene + cylinder1x
Gas N2O + Cylinder1x
Oiless Compressor1x
Blower, Vent, & Flexible Ducting1 set
Control & evaluation unit, PC,monitor, Keyboard, window software, mouse & cable and Printer1 set
Scrapper, automatic cleaning burner1 unit
The scrapper is an intelligent, automatic, software-controlled cleaning device for the nitrous oxide burner head for trouble-free work over o long period. Once activated in the sofware the scrapper guareantees a continous and reproducible measuring cycle in the routine analysis. Before each sample measurement and calibration the slot is cleaned.

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